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    Guilin Fuda Co., Ltd. has two subsidiaries, Guilin Fuda Crankshaft Co., Ltd. and Xiangyang Fuda Dongkang Crankshaft Co., Ltd., which are specialized in the production of crankshafts for ships, commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles, with an annual production capacity of 1.50 million engine crankshafts. The company has nearly 30 advanced production lines of crankshafts, equipped with first-class CNC machining equipment such as British LANDIS two-wheel servo CNC grinding machine, German JUNKER CNC grinding machine, Japanese Nachi oil hole processing center and American MP fully automatic dynamic balancing machine and professional detection equipment such as American ADCOLE integrated measuring instrument, British TAYLOR HOBSON contour graph, American SHEFFEILD three-coordinate measuring instrument and crankshaft bending fatigue testing machine. It boasts the largest round corner hardening heat treatment center currently in China, with different series of mid-frequency hardening heat treatment equipment, whose mid-frequency hardening process has reached the domestically leading level.

    The company’s products have developed three series, heavy, medium and light commercial vehicles and passenger vehicle series, and supported several engine plants and automobile factories in China and abroad such as Yuchai Machine, Shanghai Hino, Cummins, Y&C Engine, Japan Yanmar, Geely Holdings, BYD Automobile Industry and Dongfeng Passenger Vehicles. Now the company is developing clients including Germany MTU, SFH, Benz, Volvo, SAIC GM Wuling, Dongfeng Honda, and Liuzhou Automobile. It has received honorary titles from engine manufacturers for times such as an outstanding supplier, an excellent supplier and award for excellent quality.

    版权所有Copyright?2018-2022 Guilin Fuda Co., Ltd.

    桂ICP备100082542号 Technical support:盈和动力

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